SUBALO is riden sat down, with an inclined position of the back, allowing comfort and efficient pedalling.

You just need to sit down comfortably. After adjusting its length according to your height, in order to gently place your feet on the pedals. As soon as you start to pedal SUBALO cruises effortlessly pulled by the propeller in front of the device. SUBALO's floatability allows you to get your chest out of the water. The speed increases with the pedals' rotation speed. A mere move of your hand on one side or the incination of the body easily stears.

SUBALO allows you to perform true aquatic strolls, riskfree, as SUBALO provides you a 25 kg (55 pounds) buoyancy.


Length adjustable from 1,65 to 1,89 meters (5.4 to 6,2 feet), easily adjustable by hand with a pin.

Height: 0,66 m (2.2 feet) - Width: 0,56 m (1.8 feet) - Weight: 13 kg (29 pounds) -



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