VELOSUB is riden laid frontside.

It goes fast. It allows you to admire the bottom of the seas thanks to the underwater vision glass screen. Put your feet on the pedals, catch the handles on the forward float, and go! As soon as you start to pedal you immediately take speed, go as fast as you can or just stop in order to better look at the underwater flora anf fauna. Both the propeller and the nozzle are high efficiency. The speed increases with the pedals' rotation speed. A mere move of your hand on one side or incination of the body easily stear.

The propeller is located in a nozzle therefore there is a very low risk for swimmers in the surrounding area.

VELOSUB allows you to perform true aquatic strolls and increases your range at sea, riskfree because VELOSUB provides you with about 40 kg (88 pounds) of buoyancy.


Length from 2,16  2,40 meters (7 to 7.9 feet), easily adjustable with a pin at 4 positions. 
Height: 0,55 m (1.8 feet) - Width: 0,48 m (1.6 feet). Weight: 14 kg (31 pounds)



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